Let's Build Your App MVP

Got a killer app idea? We will build the first version for you!

How about you invest in a mobile app just enough to know that your idea actually gets traction in the market? With us you can get your first version out without breaking the bank.

Build My App What's an MVP

How It Works

Together we'll define the mobile app you want to build, on iOS or Android (or both): specifications and features, user flows and scenarios, along with all of the technology implications these bring.

It'll be a great help to both you as an entrepreneur, as well as to the development team you'll be working with on this project.

We'll deliver the MVP of your app. Ready to download from the Apple App Store, Google Play, or both.

Build My App
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How We Work

Here's an outline of how we will work with you to deliver your app MVP. We do everything in house and have grown an experienced team of South African developers and product managers.

Roygenix MVP Consultation


Face-to-face (ideally) or video conference workshop sessions between you(or your team) and a senior Roygenix team member. Provide us with all the details of your app idea and we'll brainstorm the ones you haven't quite figured out yet.

Roygenix MVP Mutal NDA

Mutual NDA

We always recommend our clients protect their ideas, which is why we offer a mutual NDA. An NDA, or Non-Disclosure Agreement, is an agreement between the two of us, relating to any information we share in our conversations.

Roygenix MVP Budget


After our initial consultation we will endevour to deliver our development proposal to you within 3 business days. It will include our estimated delivery schedule and budget estimates. Have a look at our base pricing options for a ball-park idea on budget estimates.

Roygenix MVP Delivery

Built & Deployed

Once you kick-off the project, we will develop your app MVP, include you throughout the process so that you have a deep understanding of your app. And once you're happy - launch a functioning app ready for download in your preferred platforms (Apple App Store or Google Play).

Pricing that's right

We are the cheapest - that's for sure!

Our pricing is perfect for entrepreneurs who don't want to spend hundreds of thousands on a new idea that might not work.

1 App
2 Apps
Single Platform


Android App

  • Consultation
  • 1 Android App
  • 1 App Landing Website
  • 3 Month Support
Build My App
Multi Platform


iPhone & Android

  • Consultation
  • 1 Android App
  • 1 iPhone App
  • 1 App Landing Website
  • 3 Month Support
Build My App

Got a killer app idea?

We design and develop iOS and Android mobile app MVPs for startups and international brands innovating on mobile.

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Philip Lowe

It's been really good working with Roygenix! The guys there really managed to pull off a great solution for our rather complex needs.They built two really strong mobile apps, on iOS and Android, that helped our business create essential engagement with your users.

Philip Lowe

Estelle Oktober

The Roygenix team was the only one that was able to deliver on our high expectations in terms of development quality, deadline meeting and reliability. Working with them has been a breeze and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a serious mobile development company.

Estelle Oktober

Managing Director
Lloyd Watson

When you need strong engagement in your app, having a great UX and proper solutions for implementation is essential. Roygenix managed to not only understand our specific challenges, but also applied their great mobile development expertise to create a fantastic product for us. We'd definitely recommend this team for anything mobile.

Lloyd Watson

Andiswa Komani

We had a great experience working with Roygenix, from communication to getting things done in building a great product. They're very capable and knowledgable on all matters iOS & Android and I'd be shocked if there were a mobile app they couldn't build!

Andiswa Komani

Tech Lead
Isobel Garrett

We've worked with the Roygenix team on several iOS and Android projects and the code quality is first class, business quality. What I really appreciate, though, is their ability to tackle any challenge we throw at them with efficiency and confidence – and we have thrown some very challenging things their way! This team has never let us down.

Isobel Garrett

Delivery Manager
South African App Developer

What's next?

After you get your App MVP, you have 2 options:

  • You stick with us.
    We get down to serious business and start expanding your Mobile MVP into a full-stack mobile product right away.
  • You try something else.
    We'll assist you in transitioning to your technical team or any other mobile development company of your choice.

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